Monday, November 12, 2012

Sprinkler Shutdowns: New York Plantings Irrigation and Lighting Division Winterizing Service

Ah, yes, the cold breeze of winter is already lingering in the walks of New York and it seems that the leaves have given up their grip in that good old oak tree in Central Park, NYC. It’s the time of the year again, when the harshness of nature strikes with its chilling embrace to New York residences. And probably you are now thinking of your lawn, and if your sprinklers could survive until spring; so, you are now formulating methods as to how would you avoid the seemingly inevitable damage of your sprinkler pipes and probably you are reading manuals (even “how to” blogs perhaps) on how to winterize your gardening equipment. Well, given that they offer step by step instructions and even lay off tips to make it look like you can do it yourself, but still most of them would really tell you it is not recommended and the best move is hire a licensed irrigation contractor for your maintenance needs for your drip irrigation maintenance, blowouts, shutdowns or probably, you may need other irrigation services. So instead of tiring yourself thinking you could save a penny through your own hard work but, fate as it always play, would make you realize your own “money saver act” had given you another expensive leap of repair and voila, a gigantic replacement cost; just hire someone to do the job, less hassle, less costly don’t you think?

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Sprinkler Shutdown is important to prevent damage of underground pipelines because basically, frozen water could cause pipes to rupture resulting to leakage that would eventually need replacement. Doing sprinkler shutdowns pose a safety danger for those who attempt to do it without proper knowledge and lack of expertise. As it deals with pressures to thoroughly drain manifolds and vacuum breakers, if not performed well could mean damage to your equipment and even harm yourself. So, if ever you are thinking of maintaining your sprinkle or lawn irrigation system, your main investment, why not just ask help from the experts? In this dear city, New York Plantings Irrigation and Lighting Division is one of the best irrigation and garden maintenance consultants giving superb service from Manhattan, all the way to Long Island. And this winter, they are now offering Shutdowns for your sprinkler system. They are master gardeners expert in all the loopholes of maintaining sprinkler equipment and irrigation system care, making sure that they are up functioning for a long time. They also offer winterizing drip irrigation system and also blow-out. New York Plantings Irrigation Experts can work on a wide variety of irrigation services such as, rooftop irrigation installation and maintenance, residential and commercial irrigation service, garden irrigation, irrigation clocks installation, irrigation repairs, and many more.

If you need assistance for Sprinkler Shutdowns and need their expertise for your irrigation system and lawn maintenance, don’t hesitate to call them at 347 558 7051. You may also want to check out New York Plantings Garden Designers and Landscape Contractors for your garden design and other furnishing needs such as custom planter boxes, pergolas and gazebo building, pool scapes, plant storage making, waterfalls and many more. They specialize in Asian Garden Design. To check out their other services (for real!) visit their website


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