Friday, November 30, 2012

Go Green Inside and Out! New York Plantings "In the Zone" at Manhattan

Who said that growing plants would mean just having them outdoors? Do you know that growing plants indoors could increase the supply of purified air in the household or any place, plus it could add aesthetics, interior design per Se  Not to mention, have them in your own terraces and rooftops could help your place have fresh air as leaves are known to synthesize carbon dioxide to oxygen . Yes, probably your thinking about growing plants would be a hassle because of the maintenance and probably, the possibility of having your furnishings or decking ruined. Well folks, no need to worry, New York Plantings Garden Designers and Landscape Contractors specifically build planter boxes according to your specification and design needs. With their expertise in building custom planter boxes ranging from brick, cement, and Ipe hardwood, you would be assured that New York Plantings’ landscape contracting crews design, build, and install planter boxes well than ordinary pre-made or typical online planters. New York Plantings’ Irrigation Specialists combine aesthetics with functionality as they engineer custom planter boxes by introducing proper irrigation system- simple, effective and maintenance-free drainage system so you don’t have to worry about soiling, spillage or the likes.

One example of New York Plantings Planter Makers project is the 10 feet custom planter box in Manhattan. The outdoor wood planter box is made of ¾ inch high-grade marine plywood band attaching the 5/4 inch thick Ipe fascia with stainless steel fasteners which made the planter box stable and will last for decades, as Ipe hardwood is known for its durability- a perfect investment. The inside of the planter was lined with EPDM rubber so that soil and water would not spill; eliminating problems such as rotting of fascia, separating of parts, and of course, soiling your decks and flooring. For preparation, the planter was filled with gravel for drainage and filter fabric was placed on top to separate soil. New York Plantings Irrigation Specialist then used a special drainage system to control drain water from spillage as it route waste water through a tube in the rear of the planter. New York Plantings horticulturist then chose the plants and flora which suited the place.

New York Plantings Garden Designers and Landscape Contractors, specializing Asian Garden Design, take every project with superb knowledge and expertise in making custom planter boxes; they know how to build planters right and design in the best way suited for the place you want your planter boxes be.  New York Plantings Master Gardeners are adept in horticulture and would give you quality choices of plants, shrubs and flowers for your indoor plant growing and outdoor garden. They also maintains and services gardens, and offers other gardening design and services such as rooftop, terrace, front yard and backyard gardens. They also offer pergola and gazebo installation, outdoor carpentry services, and many more. For more information about their services, contact (347) 558 7051 or visit their office at 2672 E, 21st St ., Brooklyn, NY 11235 United States.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ground Cover Garden Features and Landscape Advantages to New York Yards

In a city where time is very important, some yard and garden owners have almost no time to spare for maintaining their garden or even their lawn. New York Plantings Garden Designers and Landscape Contractors have a way to serve the busy city with their efficient garden design and plant expertise, featuring- Ground Covers.
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Ground covers are small sized plants that grow over an area of land almost independently, are very beneficial and are the latest must-have for garden designs and landscape purposes as it poses dozens of functions and delightful aesthetic effects at the same time. They could serve as shields to soil bed, such as hills and slopes, from being exposed to direct sunlight, avoiding fast evaporation of water, thus preventing erosion. Ground covers densely envelop the surrounding earth in your yard which could eradicate weed growth and add color to difficult cultivating areas, such as soils in the sunny areas. These could also serve as protector for beneficial insects and earthworms from predating birds and could serve as shelter for desirable species in your yard, such as butterflies and bees.

Todd Nappi, President of New York Plantings Garden Designers and Landscape Contractors, professional horticulturist, explicates that ground covers create a beneficial environment on the ground around root system that closely resembles of that of a natural setting. He also added that ground covers have the ability to provide trees and shrubs non-compacted soil surface that enables water to reach roots quickly. Ground covers prevent soil from washing away around and under the trees as well as open spaces thus providing sufficient water supply to other plants.

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What sets ground cover more convenient than lawn is the less landscape care and maintenance, meaning less lawn cutting. Many landscape and garden design have utilized low maintenance ground cover plantings to blanket areas which are traditionally covered by high-maintenance lawns. Ground covers, such as ivy and juniper, can save you time, effort and money on maintenance and create texture and color options that cannot be achieved by common turfs. Other ground cover highly recommended by garden professionals are Pachysandra Cotonester, Drift Roses and evergreens like the Japanese Skimmia that could provide a year round interest with its appearance of tiny white flowers in Spring, followed by bright red berries in Fall, and staying green all year round; this plant also requires no maintenance or pruning at all. There are other varieties of ground covers which suit different hardiness zones.

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You may be wondering about the irrigation system suitable for ground covers, New York Plantings Irrigation Division recommends Drip Irrigation which is becoming one of the most common irrigation system recognized by garden experts and environmentalist as an effective way to conserve water and establish cultivation of ground covers. The system could foster quick plant establishment as well as maintaining ground covers’ health while actually saving a lot of money for maintenance. Indeed, ground covers are beneficial not just to gardens but also to budget.

So if you’re planning to grow ground covers into your yard, don’t hesitate  to call New York Plantings Garden Designers and Landscape Contractors at 347 558 7051. They specialize Asian Garden Design and also offer other beneficial services to your garden, such as custom planter boxes, fire pit installation, outdoor kitchen building, green roof installation and many more. New York Plantings Irrigation and Lighting Division offers services, like outdoor lighting, low voltage lighting, automatic drip irrigation installation and other irrigation maintenance. For more information about New York Plantings services, visit

Sunday, November 18, 2012

New York Plantings Ipe Deck Renovation: Revolution and Innovation

When people around the world think of New York, aside from being called “The City that Never Sleeps”, the first words in mind would be skyscrapers, high buildings and modernized residences (also known as condominiums) usually associated with New York lifestyle. With the business-like atmosphere surrounding the city, the posh of fashion grandees, elites and business tycoons, it’s no wonder that New York could not be imagined as a “home” matched with suburban reveries or perhaps Hawaiian-like ambiences because the hustle and bustle (perhaps in Time Square, you know in Midtown Manhattan) lingers distinction in New York City. But New Yorkers, nowadays, try to dismiss such notion and make the greatest efforts to show off the world that NYC is the place to live, nothing more you can ask for. The current trend of homeowners or businesses to have a place more pleasing to the senses is utilizing the space (terraces, front yard, back yard, alley or even sidewalks) they have and have it transformed to a once-fantasized garden to reality, and subconsciously having this environmental awareness by advocating plant and flower cultivations in their residences (yes folks, “go green”). A lot of people now have been in service of New York’s Master Gardeners as another masterpiece by New York Plantings Garden Designers and Landscape Contractors has done it again in one of the rooftop penthouses in Manhattan, NYC- renovation of Ipe deck with customized planter box ornamented with green plants.

The renovation of a rooftop garden in Manhattan, NYC, starts with surveying the area, then sketching the plan. The plan includes every detail, from existing furnishing up to add-ons or garden upgrades such as, benches and Ipe clad custom planter boxes, which are perfect for get-togethers held in rooftop garden to see the unique cityscape. Together with New York Plantings Irrigation Specialist expertise, the team drafts the plan for irrigation system installation. New York Plantings Outdoor Carpenters then starts the demolition of old deck tiles to prepare for rooftop overhaul, making sure that the whole area is clear. When area is ready, premade Ipe deck tiles are transported then the foundations are assembled according to area measurement and are built to be elevated for irrigation system purposes. After base set-up, Ipe deck tiles are fasten with stainless steel binds to ensure stability. Custom planter boxes with Ipe fascia cladding are then built and placed according to the garden design and specification. New York Plantings Horticulturist then starts to lay off their expertise in embedding the rooftop garden with suitable plants, herbs, and flora in place (especially in custom planter boxes). New York Plantings Outdoor Carpenters then finishes off with Ipe deck oil application making the rooftop renovation complete- spick and span.

New York Plantings Garden Designers and Landscape Contractors are proud of their expertise in all gardening designs and landscaping ideas as they specialize in Asian Garden Design; they also have Woodland Garden designs and other garden landscape styles, great for residential and commercial contracts. They also offer services such as waterfalls and other water features, patios, gazebos, and pergola installation, outdoor kitchen installation, fire pits and also horticulture and arborist services. New York Plantings Irrigation and Lighting Division also handles installation of add-ons like, irrigation timer and irrigation clocks that could be done after renovation or as needed. You can contact them at 347 558 7051 for more information or visit their website at to check out their projects across New York, Manhattan, all the way to Long Island, even up to New Jersey. They are free for consultation anytime and are ready to transform your place into another garden masterpiece.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Crucial Steps We Take Before Starting Your Garden and Landscape Design Project

New York Plantings Garden Designers and Landscape Contractors offers a wide range of services – not just for ground work but for rooftops, penthouses, terraces and any other place you may need garden designs. However, you may be wondering how we do our work.

After the general consultation, rooftop garden designers and specialists do not just rush right away to work on the project. There is a tedious but very important procedure that has to be done before everything else is commenced.

Photos and Hand Measurements

Before starting everything else, the garden and landscape designers will visit your area and look at the place. Hand measurements of the area will be taken as well as photos to ensure that everything is taken into consideration.

This part is very crucial because the dimensions and overall look of the area should be considered before finally rendering the design, which will be followed during the construction.
This is to make sure that all installations will fit the area – avoiding problems when working.

3D Garden Design Rendering

After the dimensions and photographs are taken, our rooftop garden designers will consult with different members of the team, including an Ipe specialist and member of the irrigation and landscape lighting division in order to create the perfect plan for your penthouse, rooftop garden or terrace. The design of course will also be based on your preference and instructions. The plan will be detailed and will include the placements for trees, plants, flowers, custom planters, landscape lighting, water features and of course – drip irrigation.

Once the plan is in order, they will create a 3D rendering of the plan, which will help depict the overall look of the area. Doing this helps achieve realistic appearance of the architecture, allowing you to see the physical conditions of your penthouse, rooftop or terrace beautification project even before it is built.

Rendering also allows workers to easily visualize the goal of the project in order to minimize problems and mistakes in outdoor carpentry and installation, so you can be sure to expect the results that you want.

New York Plantings specializing in Asian Garden design takes these initial steps very seriously to make sure that each project is well planned and well executed. While they specialize in custom rooftop and outdoor garden, they also feature other services like construction of decks, pergolas, trellises, gazebos, fences, custom planter boxes, Ipe deck refinishing and other indoor and outdoor work. They also offer the latest irrigation system services. They also have other services that are not available from most companies like deck cleansing and tree care.

If you have any questions you can pay New York Plantings Garden Designers and Landscape Contractors a visit at 432 East 14th Street New York, NY 10009 United States‎, or call them at 347-558-7051.

Winter Blowouts: New York Plantings Irrigation Team Sprinkle System Winter Maintenance

To quote Game of Thrones, “winter is coming.” And indeed, the cold season is already unleashing dropping temperatures, and the next thing you’ll know, someone has thrown a snowball at you. So you snap back to reality now planning to prepare your garden for the wintry weather and your sprinklers’ survival to the cold environment. New York Plantings Irrigation and Lighting Division have been in the business for a long time and they offer a variety of irrigation maintenance services all over New York, Manhattan and Long Island.

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Perhaps you have drained some water out of your system and that is not enough. The fastest way to get your sprinklers broken is freezing water stuck in your sprinkler system (bet you don’t want to have that hassle). Frozen water can clog and actually expands inside the system causing it to burst the pipes and even crack your sprinkler heads. Failure to winterize your sprinklers can snare waters in low spot causing trouble in your irrigation. When freezing water is in the back flow assembly it would damage the internal components and could possibly break the brass piping. So before the first freeze comes, you should prioritize your sprinkler system and the best thing most advice especially if you don’t know your sprinkler system type is to Blowout your system. This method utilizes compressed air to force out water through all pipe components out through the sprinkler head of your sprinkle system. This method entails a lot of serious safety measures, a mistake in blowing out sprinklers may result to various accidents from sprinkler heads popping like champagne corks, busted pipes and worst, having compressor oil getting into your drinking water line. So it is recommended to hire experts to this job, and that is the New York Plantings Irrigation Team. They are professionals who are adept in all irrigation type and could assist you in your sprinklers maintenance needs. You can count on them for expertise in all gardening and irrigation dilemmas. They offer different winterizing system maintenance and repair. They also offer irrigation start-up, irrigation clocks upgrade and installation, rooftop irrigation system or probably you would like to upgrade your garden furnishing with New York Plantings Garden Design and Landscape Contractors’ services such as, pergola and gazebo installation, custom planter boxes, deck building (they are IPE wood experts) and also you may be enticed to have your own Zen Garden as they specialize in Asian Garden Design.

Reach them in their hotline at 347 558 7051 for more information and to know more about their services ranging from Residential up to Commercial garden design and irrigation system installation and maintenance (hear them from the Master Gardeners!). You may also want to visit their website at and check out their projects all around New York.

Sprinkler Shutdowns: New York Plantings Irrigation and Lighting Division Winterizing Service

Ah, yes, the cold breeze of winter is already lingering in the walks of New York and it seems that the leaves have given up their grip in that good old oak tree in Central Park, NYC. It’s the time of the year again, when the harshness of nature strikes with its chilling embrace to New York residences. And probably you are now thinking of your lawn, and if your sprinklers could survive until spring; so, you are now formulating methods as to how would you avoid the seemingly inevitable damage of your sprinkler pipes and probably you are reading manuals (even “how to” blogs perhaps) on how to winterize your gardening equipment. Well, given that they offer step by step instructions and even lay off tips to make it look like you can do it yourself, but still most of them would really tell you it is not recommended and the best move is hire a licensed irrigation contractor for your maintenance needs for your drip irrigation maintenance, blowouts, shutdowns or probably, you may need other irrigation services. So instead of tiring yourself thinking you could save a penny through your own hard work but, fate as it always play, would make you realize your own “money saver act” had given you another expensive leap of repair and voila, a gigantic replacement cost; just hire someone to do the job, less hassle, less costly don’t you think?

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Sprinkler Shutdown is important to prevent damage of underground pipelines because basically, frozen water could cause pipes to rupture resulting to leakage that would eventually need replacement. Doing sprinkler shutdowns pose a safety danger for those who attempt to do it without proper knowledge and lack of expertise. As it deals with pressures to thoroughly drain manifolds and vacuum breakers, if not performed well could mean damage to your equipment and even harm yourself. So, if ever you are thinking of maintaining your sprinkle or lawn irrigation system, your main investment, why not just ask help from the experts? In this dear city, New York Plantings Irrigation and Lighting Division is one of the best irrigation and garden maintenance consultants giving superb service from Manhattan, all the way to Long Island. And this winter, they are now offering Shutdowns for your sprinkler system. They are master gardeners expert in all the loopholes of maintaining sprinkler equipment and irrigation system care, making sure that they are up functioning for a long time. They also offer winterizing drip irrigation system and also blow-out. New York Plantings Irrigation Experts can work on a wide variety of irrigation services such as, rooftop irrigation installation and maintenance, residential and commercial irrigation service, garden irrigation, irrigation clocks installation, irrigation repairs, and many more.

If you need assistance for Sprinkler Shutdowns and need their expertise for your irrigation system and lawn maintenance, don’t hesitate to call them at 347 558 7051. You may also want to check out New York Plantings Garden Designers and Landscape Contractors for your garden design and other furnishing needs such as custom planter boxes, pergolas and gazebo building, pool scapes, plant storage making, waterfalls and many more. They specialize in Asian Garden Design. To check out their other services (for real!) visit their website