Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New York Plantings Garden Design and Landscape Construction: Quality, Comprehensive & Genuine Service

Searching for the right garden design and landscaping company is an arduous task. The industry is practically swarmed with different companies with different offerings. What makes choosing doubly hard is that not everyone can truly deliver to their promise of quality service. Some claim to be ‘experts’ in the field but would then turn out to be a staggering disappointment. And then there are those who are indeed specialists but whose scope of services are limited to the basics such as garden design and construction so that one would have to find another company for other necessary installations like landscape lighting and/or outdoor carpentry services. At New York Plantings Garden Design and Landscape Construction, none of these will ever be a concern as the company guarantees top-notch and comprehensive services. Specializing in Asian Garden Design, the company offers an extensive line of services and excels in every department.

As certified experts in outdoor carpentry, New York Plantings Garden Design and Landscape Construction specialize in decks, patios, fencing, gazebos and pergolas. Terraces become absolutely stunning when handled by New York Plantings as the company knows the exact pieces to put. They can build well-framed and sturdy decks and patios, accentuated by either pre-made custom planter boxes or an IPE custom planter box. Terraces today are often rendered incomplete without a custom planter box made of IPE hardwood or two. New York Plantings, being an IPE specialist, can construct an IPE custom planter box suited to the client’s design preference.

pergola in a rooftop
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New York Plantings also specialize in another favorite element in gardens and terraces construction today: pergolas. The New York Plantings is, in fact, among the top pergola installers/builders in the metro. Pergola installation can also be applied on a rooftop garden, which is also included in the company’s wide array of services. Rooftop gardens are increasingly popular in urban areas but only a number of buildings have implemented them since having a rooftop garden is not entirely easy, especially that a rooftop garden irrigation system is mandatory. However, with New York Plantings, one can be assured that everything will be well taken care of as they are authentic rooftop garden designers and rooftop irrigation experts at the same time. And to make these gardens come alive at night, New York Plantings can install superb landscape lighting.

Unlike other garden design companies who leave their clients after construction, New York Plantings is thoughtful enough to cover maintenance. Now that’s genuine service. New York Plantings Garden Design and Landscape Construction is located at 432 East 14th Street New York, NY 10009 United States‎, or can be reached at 347-558-7051.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Truth about Drip Irrigation Systems for Rooftop Gardens

When it comes to effective irrigation, drip irrigation systems have been the choice of many. But for those with rooftop gardens, there are often some hesitations in employing this method of irrigation as there are various concerns to be dealt with, including leaks and water pooling, among others. The truth is, rooftop drip irrigation system suffers the same risks as usual irrigation; the trick is getting a proper drip irrigation installation service. Here are a few of the common misconceptions about rooftop drip irrigation and how they are easily managed.

Rooftop garden irrigation system
A steady trend in landscaping and garden design is the rooftop garden. Being at the forefront of urban agriculture, it has been extensively employed in both for residential and corporate gardening. But what may come as a surprise for some is that this planting technique has actually been all the rage for centuries. It is therefore no surprise that there are already a myriad of ways to manage them—the best of which is drip irrigation. Although this type of irrigation system is widely used in typical garden structures, some have admitted to having qualms about applying the same technique to their rooftop garden. Will leaks be common? What about incidents of water pooling? What happens if the pump malfunctions? These are but a few questions raised by those who have considered drip irrigation systems for their rooftop gardens. And the most sensible answer to that is that all these risks are not limited to rooftop gardens only. These are events that can occur to any form of planting, but above all, the chances of these happening are low with the right drip irrigation installers and effective drainage system.

Water Pooling

The downside of rooftop gardens is that they’re quite vulnerable to harsh weather conditions. Heavy storms may result to water pooling and snowfall may ultimately damage the system. However, these are highly preventable with proper drainage paths. Hence, water pooling during a strong downpour does not necessarily indicate a problem in irrigation but most likely in drainage. In addition, water puddles easily evaporate once the sun is out.

As for the threats of winter, there’s nothing to worry about as the drip irrigation system are shut down during such season.


Leakages are inherently inevitable but it should be relieving to know that any leak that may occur does not lead to catastrophic proportions.  After all, the amount of water running through the system are minimal, approximately 1/3 of that of regular garden hoses.

Pump Failure

This shouldn’t be a major concern as not all drip irrigation systems rely on or even utilize pumps to function effectively. It is only landscape and garden constructions without direct water access that would require pumps for its external water reservoir.
The fact is that drip irrigation systems are not at all complex which explains why the landscaping and garden design industry is brimming with contractors. But while the installation is easy, maintenance isn’t. Therefore, it is only wise that the key aspect to check when selecting landscape and garden specialists is the sustainability of their service. Furthermore, it is best to opt for a single contractor for both garden and irrigation services for a more unified system and consistent quality.
Drip Emitter
Drip Emitter

New York Plantings offers a comprehensive service, specializing in landscaping, garden design, and most recently, lighting and irrigation. They have a more distinct approach in rooftop drip irrigation in that unlike other irrigation companies with poorly designed root systems, the garden specialists in New York Plantings Irrigation and Lighting Company install drip emitters more strategically to deliver precise amounts of water to the plant’s root zone. As a testament to the quality of their irrigation and garden services, the New York Plantings Irrigation and Lighting Company is responsible for the largest drip irrigation installs in New York City.

Rooftop Drip Irrigation is just one of the many gardening services offered by the company, in addition to Garden & Landscape Design, Carpentry, Stone & Masonry work, Corporate Outdoor Lighting and Residential Landscape Lighting. Backed by 18 years of providing quality and reliable service, New York Plantings specializes in Asian Garden Design and other professional garden and landscape related services for residential and corporate applications in the New York metro area and Long Island. For drip irrigation system design and installation, and even for irrigation repair and services, contact New York Plantings Irrigation and Lighting Company at tel. no. 646-434-8049 or visit them at 432 East 14th Street New York, NY 10009 United States.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Get A Green Roof Themed Rooftop Garden With New York Plantings

In New York, where most buildings have access to rooftops, roofdecks and balconies, it can be difficult to enjoy the greenery without having to go to a nearby park.

That does not have to be the case, though. As long as you have an empty concrete space at home, you can have that turned into a wonderful garden, which you can definitely enjoy. New York Plantings Garden Design – a New York Based design, irrigation and landscape company specializing in Asian Garden Design – can do that for you.

How Is The Work Done?

To make the concept a reality New York Plantings Garden Design, irrigation and Landscape contracting crews work together to build you your perfect rooftop garden. First, we consult with you and assess the area that you plan to have designed. Then, they collaborate with an innovative landscape architect to do the design for you. Specializing in Asian Garden Design, New York Plantings garden designs are made with your specifications, and in turn, to utilize the experience and skills of New York Plantings. Once the design is done and approved, they begin working to build you your dream garden oasis.

What Do They Offer?

New York Plantings often provides a variety of services, which include garden design, outdoor carpentry such as pergolas and decks, masonry, stonework, patios, irrigation, landscape lighting, custom planters, IPE-made products, custom fence, and contracting services. They are specializing in Asian Garden Design and also strive to provide a greenroof feel to your rooftop.

What Materials Do You Use?

New York Plantings Garden Design makes use of top-of-the-line materials and techniques to make sure that you get only the best. First, they mark and layout the hardscape foundation making use of cement, stonework, bricks and similar materials.

Miradrain 9000 used New York Plantings as roof-membrane protection
Miradrain 9000
Of course, a rooftop garden definitively needs the right drain system. This is where the Miradrain 9000 comes into action. Miradrain is the industry leader in creating geocomposite sheet drains, and the 9000 is a high compressive-strength horizontal sheet drain. The drain utilizes drip irrigation as it is designed to retain water in the roof while channeling out the excess to the roof’s drainage system. In lieu of drainage gravel, the Miradrain 9000 is used with a drainage board that prevents passage of particles, which can choke or block the drainage system.

Aside from that, Miradrain 9000 is specially designed to absorb and spread the load of heavy items like soil-filled planter boxes in order to keep the roof membrane protected. The drain mat is laid out first before they install anything else.

For decking materials, we make use of Black Locust hardwood, pieces of which are custom milled for the project. Black Locust hardwood is extremely durable, hard and resistant; making sure it stands the outdoor weather. Marine grade plywood are used for custom planters, decking and other support parts.

With these materials, they can achieve a real-life garden right on your rooftop. While they are located in NYC, New York Plantings also caters to Long Island, Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester Areas and even NJ and Connecticut clients. 
Photos of the Green roof lawn in a rooftop in New York Installed by New York Plantings
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New York Plantings is located at 2672 21st St Brooklyn, NY 11235. You can call them at (347) 558-7051 and avail their free estimate.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Black Locust Wood Adds Longevity to Landscaped Asian Garden Design

For a new greenroof project, we traveled around the corner to Long Island to pick up some Black Locust wood, which is milled specifically for us. Whether your dream landscape is residential or commercial, New York Plantings is proud to source the bulk of our wood locally. From wooden patios to pergolas, custom planters, storage boxes and more, it is part of our passion to find the highest quality materials from distributors we know and trust.

Black Locust woods used by New York Plantings
A Pile of Black Locust woods in Long Island
Black Locust natively grows in the southern part of North America, but is so amenable to climate change that it is frequently grown and used up north. It is particularly durable and resistant to rot, which makes it a great wood for our masons and specialists to work with. It is also a very pleasing yellowish color, with close grains. It looks stunning in all forms of Asian Garden Design.

It is the perfect wood to use in outdoor landscaping projects, such as roof decks, pre-made fences, utility fan covers, and decorative wooden pergolas, as treated Black Locust can last up to 50 years without significant decay. Our master carpenters count on its ease of use and stability. In fact, Black Locust is so strong that it is often used on ships, and has a long history of being the material of choice for many carpenters throughout history. Even Abraham Lincoln used it!

Unlike chemically treated wood, Black Locust blends seamlessly, almost Zen-like, into any Asian Garden. New York Plantings’ main priority is to create a landscape that is both attractive, and long lasting, which is why we rely on Black Locust wood. It is a preferred alternative to endangered woods, or other tropical species, and is hands down one of the most sustainable woods you can use.
Green roof-style rooftop garden in Manhattan, New York
Green roof-themed rooftop garden made by New York Plantings

We are beautifying New York one garden at a time, and would love the opportunity to work with you to custom build the space you’ve always wanted. Having New York Plantings build the terrace means we will also maintain it for years to come. Along with landscape design and custom builds, we also specialize in tree care and lawn maintenance, stone work, irrigation, landscape lighting, custom decks, IPE-made products, patio pavers and pride ourselves on our long-term relationships with our clients. We treat their outdoor spaces as if they were our own.
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