Monday, July 2, 2012

Black Locust Wood Adds Longevity to Landscaped Asian Garden Design

For a new greenroof project, we traveled around the corner to Long Island to pick up some Black Locust wood, which is milled specifically for us. Whether your dream landscape is residential or commercial, New York Plantings is proud to source the bulk of our wood locally. From wooden patios to pergolas, custom planters, storage boxes and more, it is part of our passion to find the highest quality materials from distributors we know and trust.

Black Locust woods used by New York Plantings
A Pile of Black Locust woods in Long Island
Black Locust natively grows in the southern part of North America, but is so amenable to climate change that it is frequently grown and used up north. It is particularly durable and resistant to rot, which makes it a great wood for our masons and specialists to work with. It is also a very pleasing yellowish color, with close grains. It looks stunning in all forms of Asian Garden Design.

It is the perfect wood to use in outdoor landscaping projects, such as roof decks, pre-made fences, utility fan covers, and decorative wooden pergolas, as treated Black Locust can last up to 50 years without significant decay. Our master carpenters count on its ease of use and stability. In fact, Black Locust is so strong that it is often used on ships, and has a long history of being the material of choice for many carpenters throughout history. Even Abraham Lincoln used it!

Unlike chemically treated wood, Black Locust blends seamlessly, almost Zen-like, into any Asian Garden. New York Plantings’ main priority is to create a landscape that is both attractive, and long lasting, which is why we rely on Black Locust wood. It is a preferred alternative to endangered woods, or other tropical species, and is hands down one of the most sustainable woods you can use.
Green roof-style rooftop garden in Manhattan, New York
Green roof-themed rooftop garden made by New York Plantings

We are beautifying New York one garden at a time, and would love the opportunity to work with you to custom build the space you’ve always wanted. Having New York Plantings build the terrace means we will also maintain it for years to come. Along with landscape design and custom builds, we also specialize in tree care and lawn maintenance, stone work, irrigation, landscape lighting, custom decks, IPE-made products, patio pavers and pride ourselves on our long-term relationships with our clients. We treat their outdoor spaces as if they were our own.
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