Saturday, December 1, 2012

New York Plantings Garden Designers Manhattan Feat: 10-Feet Custom Planter Box

New York Plantings Garden Designers and Landscape Contractors vision in “making New York Beautiful, one yard at a time”, had made another remarkable development in Manhattan, New York by making a 10-feet wood planter box made in Ipe hardwood.

Ipe hardwood is known for its durability and long-lasting attributes that makes it one of the best materials for home and garden furnishings, such as fences, decks, and of course, wood outdoor planter boxes. Ipe wood longevity is guaranteed 20 years even without preservation. The outdoor 10 feet custom planter box in Manhattan is made of ¾ inch high-grade marine plywood using stainless steel fasteners to attach 5/4 inch thick Ipe fascia which made the planter box strong and could last for decades. New York Plantings Outdoor Carpenters built the planter box large enough to support a number of plants, shrubs and flowers.

The inside of the planter is lined with a waterproof membrane, EPDM rubber, so that soil and water would not touch the planter’s wood; eliminating problems such as rotting of fascia, separating of parts, and bowing. The waterproof membranes ensures protection of the inside fascia and water spillage from drainage.

Preparing for cultivation, the inside bottom of the planter is then  filled with gravel for drainage and filter fabric was placed on top to separate soil, for foundation, and allow proper drainage. With the planter box, soil volume is increased to hold root systems and support them from high winds to eliminate the need for transplanting, and as protection of roots during harsh winters.

New York Plantings Irrigation Specialist then used a special drainage system to control drain water from spillage by routing waste water through a tube in the rear of the planter. This avoids the soiling of decks or spillage of waste water to flooring. Moreover, this would prevent to stagnant water accumulation in the planter box.

New York Plantings horticulturist had a vast array of knowledge on different plants, perennials, and flowers appropriate to your place and soil category and finished the project by choosing and arranging the plants and flora in the custom planter box, creating a work of art, just a sidewalk away.

New York Plantings build and install well-engineered custom planter boxes better than typical premade planter box makers and online planters. They specialize in Asian Garden Design. Other themes are also available like Woodland Garden. They also offer other gardening services such as terraces, rooftop, front yard and backyard garden. And building and installing custom fences, planter for pergola, gazebo and decks. You can contact them at 347 558 7051 or visit their office at 2672 E, 21st St., Brooklyn, New York.