Monday, November 12, 2012

Winter Blowouts: New York Plantings Irrigation Team Sprinkle System Winter Maintenance

To quote Game of Thrones, “winter is coming.” And indeed, the cold season is already unleashing dropping temperatures, and the next thing you’ll know, someone has thrown a snowball at you. So you snap back to reality now planning to prepare your garden for the wintry weather and your sprinklers’ survival to the cold environment. New York Plantings Irrigation and Lighting Division have been in the business for a long time and they offer a variety of irrigation maintenance services all over New York, Manhattan and Long Island.

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Perhaps you have drained some water out of your system and that is not enough. The fastest way to get your sprinklers broken is freezing water stuck in your sprinkler system (bet you don’t want to have that hassle). Frozen water can clog and actually expands inside the system causing it to burst the pipes and even crack your sprinkler heads. Failure to winterize your sprinklers can snare waters in low spot causing trouble in your irrigation. When freezing water is in the back flow assembly it would damage the internal components and could possibly break the brass piping. So before the first freeze comes, you should prioritize your sprinkler system and the best thing most advice especially if you don’t know your sprinkler system type is to Blowout your system. This method utilizes compressed air to force out water through all pipe components out through the sprinkler head of your sprinkle system. This method entails a lot of serious safety measures, a mistake in blowing out sprinklers may result to various accidents from sprinkler heads popping like champagne corks, busted pipes and worst, having compressor oil getting into your drinking water line. So it is recommended to hire experts to this job, and that is the New York Plantings Irrigation Team. They are professionals who are adept in all irrigation type and could assist you in your sprinklers maintenance needs. You can count on them for expertise in all gardening and irrigation dilemmas. They offer different winterizing system maintenance and repair. They also offer irrigation start-up, irrigation clocks upgrade and installation, rooftop irrigation system or probably you would like to upgrade your garden furnishing with New York Plantings Garden Design and Landscape Contractors’ services such as, pergola and gazebo installation, custom planter boxes, deck building (they are IPE wood experts) and also you may be enticed to have your own Zen Garden as they specialize in Asian Garden Design.

Reach them in their hotline at 347 558 7051 for more information and to know more about their services ranging from Residential up to Commercial garden design and irrigation system installation and maintenance (hear them from the Master Gardeners!). You may also want to visit their website at and check out their projects all around New York.


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