Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Custom Planter Boxes: Aesthetic Efficacies

Details are everything especially in designing and planning your outdoor and indoor space, from private residential spaces, public courtyard or even parks. Definitely a great way to create a distinct ambiance in your business and even in your home is having Custom Planter Boxes. They are not just designed to look good but they are also built to last. And New York Plantings Garden Designers and Landscape Contractors are experts in making custom planters and would gladly assist in designing and installing of your planter boxes that suits tastes and business needs. They are the first and foremost master gardeners, the leading makers of planters and garden containers giving away feats to various hotels, restaurants, stores, penthouses and residences in Manhattan, New York, and all the way to Long Island.

Their custom planter boxes support the growth of your plants, flowers and trees as New York Plantings master carpenters build planters in appropriate sizes ensuring stability against high winds and other ways such as increasing soil volumes to support roots up to decades eliminating the need for transplanting and protecting the root system  in harsh winters. As they help in recreating spaces, their service will not just build your planters but they would also make sure of the proper installment of drainage such as using EPDM rubber membrane to ensure that soil and water won’t leak out to your wood furnishings and decking, preventing damage. Proper drainage is a key to keep roots from premature failure. It also maintains plant health. They secure that all drainage could be set to drain where you want it, like under the deck or patio to eliminate dirty water running out and staining your expensive and beautiful pavers. They offer proper drainage that is simple, effective and maintenance-free at all. In designs, they could assist you in selecting from a number of alternatives with their professional and expert New York Plantings Outdoor Carpentry Team. They are also Ipe hardwood specialist, using marine grade plywood liners with IPE fascia with stainless steel fastener all throughout.
EPDM rubber membrane
New York Plantings Garden Designers and Landscape Contractors are actually leading the gardening and landscaping industry, so rest assured that the planters are well-engineered to function better and look greater than typical premade, store brought or online planters. And their expertise in soil mixtures and planting techniques race well on efficacy.

They specialize in Asian Garden Design, and could help you build your own Zen Eden in your terraces, rooftop gardens, and even in your backyard. Other themes are also available. You can contact them at 347 558 7051. You may also want to avail other services such as  Deck Refinishing, Pergola Installation, Gazebo, deck and patios, tree care as well as with New York Plantings Irrigation and Landscape Lighting Division's Irrigation System Installation and landscape lighting installation.


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