Saturday, October 13, 2012

New York Plantings Garden and Landscape Construction: Ipe Hardwood Deck Refinishing

Ipe hardwood is known for its durability and long-lasting attributes that makes it one of the best materials for home and garden decking. With the choice in recognizing Ipe wood’s strength and its longevity of a guaranteed 20 years even without preservation, maintaining its physical quality still needs to be given importance. What draws Ipe hardwood restoration challenging is because of its high-oil content density and other withering characteristics commonly caused by weather damages or even deteriorating finishes. New York Plantings has been providing Ipe hardwood refinishing in Manhattan, New York, up to Long Island yielding overwhelming results in maintaining and even restoring your Ipe furnishings making it look new. And New York Plantings will make sure to preserve the majestic beauty of the hardwood and bring you back in awe with this magnificent hardwood at your own place.

All woods gray. When Ipe and other hardwood embellishments are not finished or have not been maintained properly, the pigment would wither over time. For Ipe, a very dense and pressly grained wood, refinishing is therefore important to maintain the rich brown and red-amber hues; it would not just make over the intensity of the wood’s surface color but it would also protect and even extend the life of your Ipe decks. New York Planting’s Ipe hardwood deck refinishing service includes thorough deck cleansing with soap and water to remove all accumulated dirt and other unwanted substances brought by atmospheric condition change; these could contribute to the fast decay of your wood decks and should be eradicated. The service then finishes with Ipe deck oil application in its surface that will not just make your Ipe hardwood furnishings look new but could make it last for up to 100 years!
New York Plantings Deck Refinishing Service
It is New York Plantings' dedication to give you the best of your home and garden furnishing choices with the best penthouse gardeners, and landscapers as they offer cleansing and refinishing services for other kinds of wood decks and curtilage decorations. New York Plantings Garden Designers and Landscape Contractors are specializing Asian Garden Design. Other services includes irrigation system installation, landscape lighting, custom carpentry such as custom planter making, pergola building, decks and patios installation, tree care and for more specific gardening and landscaping services, you can contact us at 347 558 7051 or visit New York Plantings' website. New York Plantings looks ahead in visiting your place and remake it as fresh as it should be.


  1. New York Plantings Garden Designers and Landscape Contractors NYC has been working hard and going strong for nearly 19 years.
    Our garden and irrigation services for Manhattan, NYC area for about 6 years now. Started small and growing stronger year after year.

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