Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Get A Green Roof Themed Rooftop Garden With New York Plantings

In New York, where most buildings have access to rooftops, roofdecks and balconies, it can be difficult to enjoy the greenery without having to go to a nearby park.

That does not have to be the case, though. As long as you have an empty concrete space at home, you can have that turned into a wonderful garden, which you can definitely enjoy. New York Plantings Garden Design – a New York Based design, irrigation and landscape company specializing in Asian Garden Design – can do that for you.

How Is The Work Done?

To make the concept a reality New York Plantings Garden Design, irrigation and Landscape contracting crews work together to build you your perfect rooftop garden. First, we consult with you and assess the area that you plan to have designed. Then, they collaborate with an innovative landscape architect to do the design for you. Specializing in Asian Garden Design, New York Plantings garden designs are made with your specifications, and in turn, to utilize the experience and skills of New York Plantings. Once the design is done and approved, they begin working to build you your dream garden oasis.

What Do They Offer?

New York Plantings often provides a variety of services, which include garden design, outdoor carpentry such as pergolas and decks, masonry, stonework, patios, irrigation, landscape lighting, custom planters, IPE-made products, custom fence, and contracting services. They are specializing in Asian Garden Design and also strive to provide a greenroof feel to your rooftop.

What Materials Do You Use?

New York Plantings Garden Design makes use of top-of-the-line materials and techniques to make sure that you get only the best. First, they mark and layout the hardscape foundation making use of cement, stonework, bricks and similar materials.

Miradrain 9000 used New York Plantings as roof-membrane protection
Miradrain 9000
Of course, a rooftop garden definitively needs the right drain system. This is where the Miradrain 9000 comes into action. Miradrain is the industry leader in creating geocomposite sheet drains, and the 9000 is a high compressive-strength horizontal sheet drain. The drain utilizes drip irrigation as it is designed to retain water in the roof while channeling out the excess to the roof’s drainage system. In lieu of drainage gravel, the Miradrain 9000 is used with a drainage board that prevents passage of particles, which can choke or block the drainage system.

Aside from that, Miradrain 9000 is specially designed to absorb and spread the load of heavy items like soil-filled planter boxes in order to keep the roof membrane protected. The drain mat is laid out first before they install anything else.

For decking materials, we make use of Black Locust hardwood, pieces of which are custom milled for the project. Black Locust hardwood is extremely durable, hard and resistant; making sure it stands the outdoor weather. Marine grade plywood are used for custom planters, decking and other support parts.

With these materials, they can achieve a real-life garden right on your rooftop. While they are located in NYC, New York Plantings also caters to Long Island, Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester Areas and even NJ and Connecticut clients. 
Photos of the Green roof lawn in a rooftop in New York Installed by New York Plantings
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New York Plantings is located at 2672 21st St Brooklyn, NY 11235. You can call them at (347) 558-7051 and avail their free estimate.

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