Thursday, June 21, 2012

Greenroofing all over New York

Roof tops of many urban areas today show stretches tall buildings and skyscrapers with asphalt and gravel-ballasted rooftops. The thing about these rooftops is that, head radiates on its dark roofs, and rain water easily rushes over hard surfaces. This is where the concept of rooftop gardening started, and Greenroof installers become more and more in demand.
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Greenroof installations are the new trend today in breaking that monotony of common roofs: with these landscape design ideas, people can enjoy a scenic rooftop gardens, complete with landscape and fresh vegetations.

Greenroof installations have long been popular in Europe, and now it's starting to carve its way to the cities of United States, such as in New York city's both homes and business buildings. This type of landscape design solution tries to promote conservationism while solving the usual problems of traditional roofs.

Greenroofs adds the usual vegetation you find in lawns and gardens without disturbing the infrastructure - it simply takes the neglected and dull place useful and more attractive. Also, this type of roof garden can make the roof last longer, decrease energy cost through natural insulation, absorb rain/storm water to lessen the need for complicated and expensive drainage system, and provide peaceful retreats for people.

On a bigger scale, this landscape design improves the air quality and help decrease one area's Urban Heat Island Effect, a condition known in suburban developments, which is characterized of absorption and trapping of heat. The best explanation of this condition is walking in a concrete open-air parking lot on a hot summer day.

Rooftop irrigation is crucial for Greenroof layers though. Like traditional roofs, this type of roof holds drainage and protects the structure from all weather elements, and in this case, it utilizes a waterproof membrane. NYC Irrigation Experts fully understands this dilemma, and if you're in New York, there's no better way to have your rooftop made than the NYC Irrigation Consultants.

New York Plantings Garden Design is a full-service landscaping, garden design and building firm in New York. Their deep pool of professional gardeners provides extensive garden design ideas, from Asian inspired gardens, to professional tree installation, elegant terrace gardens and expert landscape maintenance. New York Plantings is currently working on a Green Roofing project at the 32nd Street. You can check it out yourself to see their works first hand. Or visit their website, and call for inquiries at (347) 558 - 7051 and make your landscaping dreams a reality.


  1. That's true. These garden roofs also known as "green roofs" are very effective in minimizing the cause of flooding, and it reduce the accumulation of air pollution. It's a good thing that many building owners have opted to use these green roofs, it can definitely help the community to have a fresher and flood-free surroundings.

    Emma Phillips

  2. That’s true, Emma. In the first place, plants provide fresh air, thus green roofs play a significant role in reducing air pollutants not only through the plants themselves, but also through the growing medium. Since it’s basically a roof garden, harmful particles, like heavy metals and airborne particles, are absorbed immediately by the green roofing system.

    - Penelope Dingee

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