Thursday, June 21, 2012

IPE Custom Planter Boxes make your Terrace or Rooftop Garden Outstanding

If you wish to have your terrace area to be worthwhile at the same time beautiful, elegant, and more importantly attractive, then it is best recommended that you avail the services offered by New York Plantings, owned by Todd Nappi, which offers you services to assure you the best terrace design that is done mainly through the Charlton St. project that will reshape your terrace area so that it will be worth more than what it was previously.

Assuring you that the project will help reform you terrace as the best terrace design in New York City, what can the Charlton St. project offer to justify their claim to such? It offers a great variety of high quality services such as their different custom made designs and works. You can have a custom built planter boxes for the rooftop of the garden that will be done by New York City garden designers and by landscape contractors.

In addition to availing the services in such would complement to a New York plantings garden design, the Charlton St. project being the best terrace design, will include among its services a fully automatic drip irrigation system that is installed by the New York Plantings Irrigation Division to help support the trees as well as the shrubs. This is done exclusively by professionals or experts on the field by the company who are known and recognized as master irrigation technicians and landscape lighting service technicians.

Furthermore to the services offered by the New York Plantings through undergoing the process of the Charlton St. project with it being the best terrace design, include remodeling and renovating the look of the terrace area to make it to a more beautiful and elegant garden oasis not to mention the low maintenance which will save you a great deal of trouble and expense as opposed to having it wasted with rotten broken planters and other unpleasant sights. IPE clad custom planter boxes can be made and designed on the spot or on site that’s made by consummate professionals recognized as New York plantings master carpenters. These professionals specialize in working on terraces, rooftop, and all types of work done on an outdoor carpentry scope. As a matter of fact, the scope is so huge that the carpenters are able to make designs and make pergolas, gazebos, custom decks, and storage boxes anywhere within the New York vicinity or even broader which would reach out to including Long Island, Nassau, Suffolk, and Westchester Counties . Other services offered include a specialization in Asian Garden Design, Zen Gardens, Front yard Garden Design, Backyard Garden Designs, Rooftop Garden, and many more which you will find most pleasing.

There are some pictures below that will help you visualize what you are imagining as you have read on the what your terrace will look like as how it was designed under the named project which made it the best terrace design offered by the New York Plantings whose scope is not only on New York City, but even on a worldwide scene.
For more information and details to accommodate your inquiries and concerns, please visit the website at or call at 347-558-7051. You can also go directly to the company’s office located at 2672 21st St Brooklyn, NY 11235.


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