Saturday, March 24, 2012

Landscape Lighting Adds Beauty and Functionality to Any Outdoor Area

Outdoor lighting for both safety and elegance 
Landscape Lighting also referred to as Garden Lighting and sometimes combined with Architectural Lighting refers to the use of Outdoor Lighting of private gardens as well as commercial and public landscape and grounds. Lighting Design and Lighting Installation incorporate several factors including ambiance or aesthetic impact (a factor particularly important in the lighting of public spaces), safety and the extended, after dark, use of outdoor areas.

Pool area lighting
At New York Plantings Irrigation and Lighting our process starts by determining our client’s intended use for the outdoor area. We first make sure that we design ample lighting for the intended purpose of the space, but just as important, we talk to our clients about the mood they want to set. “Is this area an attractive walkway with garden features or is the area meant for stopping and socializing? Is it a contained area or is it meant to be visible from a distance? Are there featured plants? A sitting area?” 
Extended night time use of outdoor areas 
We ask a lot of questions, but that is an important part of the process of defining and meeting the needs of our clients. The visual aspect of lighting includes the attractive scattering of light and shadow, the illumination of otherwise dark areas and the highlighting of both the figure and form of the plants which can create a captivating environment for all who visit your professionally designed Outdoor Garden.

Lights highlighting outdoor features
Outdoor Lighting often includes multiple lighting features in one garden area including Path Lighting, Area Lighting, Uplights, Wall Lighting, Building Lights, Tree-mount Lights (Down Lights), Deck Lighting, Well Lighting and Hardscape Lighting, Step Lights, Pond Lighting, Fountain Lights, Rail Lighting, Rope Lights, and Twinkle Lights.

Landscape lighting adds warmth and safety to homes
Several different types of lighting can be combined to create a beautiful accent to any outdoor garden. Outdoor lighting is especially effective in pool, pond and fountain areas, pergolas, courtyards, decks, rooftop terrace retreats, container gardens, walkways, trellises – really anywhere you want to set a mood by highlighting your garden, plants and hardscape!

Contemporary solar path lighting
Finally, New YorkPlantings Irrigation and Lighting is always concerned with the Environmental Impact of any project we undertake. Our goal of “Going Green” has us considering energy efficiency to ensure that light is not wasted by over-illumination or timer issues. Our increased use of Solar Power, Low Voltage Fixtures, Energy Efficient Lights, Superior Timers, Light Sensor Switches and Creative Lighting Design all play a part in protecting our planet.

Lighting accentuates courtyard spaces

At New York Plantings Irrigation and Lighting our Lighting Designer, Todd Nappi, understands the importance of the utilitarian function of lighting, the importance of protecting our environment as well as the need for aesthetic appeal and he understands the emotions evoked by high-quality lighting when people enjoy your beautifully Illuminated Garden.

 Beautiful commerical landscaping enhanced by lighting

New York Plantings Irrigation and Lighting currently contract in the New York tri-state area. If you want the best in irrigation and lighting design from an experienced and dedicated team call us today at (646) 434-8049 or visit our website.

Landscape Lighting Design by New York Plantings' Todd Nappi, Drafting by Ralph Xu

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Images Courtesy of ilovemyhome, LandscapeLightingWorld and Lighting Solars


  1. Lighting for landscapes is very important as it offers deterrence against burglars who may lurk in the dark.

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  2. Lighting for landscapes gives additional beauty to the place. As we can see in the picture, I think it would be so dry especially at night when no lighting is installed in the landscape.
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  3. Yes, lighting is really iportant..not just because we want new clients. The difference is amazing even with a basic landscape lighting installation. The view from inside the home is something to consider when designing a garden lighting or outdoor lighting system.

  4. Landscape Light makes outdoor beautiful and also protects against slips and falls.

  5. Landscape Light makes outdoor beautiful and also protects against slips and falls.