Monday, March 26, 2012

Design, Installation and Maintenance of Landscape Lighting in The NY Metro Area by New York Plantings

Commercial Urban Outdoor Lighting combines the best of Garden Lighting and Architectural Lighting to add drama and ambiance, safety and extended use to any public area. Although planning for Commercial Urban Outdoor Lighting has similarities with the planning and design of residential garden lighting, there are many differences as well.

Goals for Our Client- The first difference between residential and commercial lighting addresses the goals of the commercial property owners and integrates the setting and visibility of the location where the lights will be installed. Are you, as the property owner, trying to draw people in from the outside, displaying the beauty and ambiance of your property? Is the goal of the lighting design a tangible, dramatic invitation to join in a trendy, upscale or classic urban experience? Or, is this a secluded space intended as an urban retreat for fortunate residents? The needs of the commercial property owner are always forefront in the mind of our Professional Lighting Designer, Todd Nappi, as he creates a striking plan for your public garden, terrace, building entrance, courtyard, dining or lounge area, fountain or other water feature. New York Planting Irrigation & Lighting’s ultimate objective is to meet our client’s goals for the property.

Defining the Space- Another difference we encounter is the need to understand all the possible uses for the area. Although a subtle feature, lighting helps define the use of outdoor public spaces. I say, “possible uses,” because as a public space you have to anticipate all the different ways people may use the space beyond what you envision. Just because your dream when planning the space is of a wide, well-lit garden walkway where people move through without stopping does not mean people will not want to stop in a serene space and enjoy the beauty of a well-lit garden or fountain, stop to rest or sit and chat with a colleague, make a phone call or text with a friend. A professionally designed lighting scheme, using light and shadow, illumination in otherwise darkened areas and the use of lighting to evoke emotion can all have an effect on how people experience and utilize Commercial Urban Outdoor spaces. We can help make the utilization of the space intuitive to your clients through our sophisticated and well thought-out lighting design techniques.

Goals for Your Clients- Of course one of the pleasures of designing lighting for a public space is knowing the enjoyment people will get when seeing and interacting in a creatively designed, artistically lit outdoor area created by New York Plantings Irrigation & Lighting. Of course, we consider the safety and security of nighttime guests by making the lighting functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. In order to achieve these goals, it’s important for us to understand who your clients or customers are, so we can further develop the aesthetic image you have for your company.

Earth Friendly- Finally, New York Plantings Irrigation and Lighting is always concerned with the Environmental Impact of any project we undertake. Our goal of “Going Green” has us considering energy efficiency to ensure that light is not wasted by over-illumination or timer issues. Our increased use of Solar Power, Low Voltage Fixtures, Energy Efficient Lights, Superior Timers, Light Sensor Switches and Creative Lighting Design all play a part in protecting our environment.

New York Plantings Irrigation & Lighting offers the finest in Commercial Urban Outdoor Lighting. Our experienced Lighting Designer,Todd Nappi, Draftspersons and skilled Crew offer the best of the best when designing your one-of-a-kind lighting display. New York Plantings Irrigation and Lighting currently accepts businenss in the New York tri-state area. If you want the best in irrigation and lighting design from an experienced and dedicated team call us today at (646) 434-8049 or visit our website.

We are also proud to offer services from our well-established New York PlantingsGarden Design Division, a full-service landscaping, garden design and building company. From Asian inspired gardens, to professional tree installation, elegant terrace gardens and expert landscape maintenance, New York Plantings Garden Design contracts from Manhattan to Montauk and beyond. For all your garden design needs contact New York Plantings Garden Design at (347) 558-7051.


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  2. Lamps do serve many purposes like security, illumination and aesthetic design during the night. It is very good to see that your garden is lit with beautiful spot lights and focus lamps.

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  3. Landscape Lights add extra look to Gardens and paths. Looking Nice. Keep it up @New York Plantings Irrigation & Lighting

  4. Landscape Lights add extra look to Gardens and paths. Looking Nice. Keep it up @New York Plantings Irrigation & Lighting

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    1. Hi Mary, thanks for checking out our NYC landscape lighting information and installation photos. I hope that we may work together in the future

    2. Hi Mary, thank you so much for the kind words! Have a great season and feel free to share some of your work with us.
      Todd Nappi

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    1. Thanks! I have always enjoyed installing landcape lighting for NYC penthouse gardens and townhouse landscapes.
      We have been working to make more posts as we complete many projects. If we can find the right person for media coverage!

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