Friday, February 17, 2012

Renovation on a Budget; Powers St.

A client called us because they wanted a full garden landscape overhaul on a budget. Although we do a lot of high end landscaping, we enjoy the challenge and the opportunity for a wonderful transformation that comes from taking an overgrown yard and turning in into a usable living space, so, we took on this project with great enthusiasm.

It’s so important to have a garden designer who will go over their process with you; that way you’ll know exactly what to expect through each step. It’s at this point that the homeowner can also ask any questions they may have about how the job will be done and what materials will be used.

Our first step was to remove all the debris from the yard, giving us a clear view for defining the landscape and garden space. We designed the space and then got busy. We used our experienced arborist to prune the trees and we set up an irrigation system. 

We installed a wide irregular flagstone path and chose to use mortar to set the stones to give the stone walkway a neat, finished look. We were also taking the family’s lifestyle into account – with a high-traffic yard, we didn’t want sand or any other loose materials being tracked into the house. 

Even if you have a lower end budget, you should expect professionalism and high-end treatment from your garden designer. They should always take the time to learn about you and your goals for the space, something can always be expected by the professionals at New York Plantings. To help keep us within the homeowner’s budget, we purchased plants, shrubs and trees that were on sale as well as more common varieties that are proven to thrive in our hardiness zone as well as in the micro-climate of this particular garden. It all worked in perfect harmony with the new decking and railings.

Although this was planned as a budget conscious project, we were able to achieve excellent results. We took an overgrown yard and turned it into a dynamic outdoor living space while keeping within the homeowner’s budget. They are thrilled with the finished worked, and use the space all the time. This project reinforces how important plantings and landscape are to the overall quality of life in our outdoor living spaces.

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  1. I fell in love with that flagstone path! The outcome of the job was just wonderful! If you would have the concrete resurfaced, it would be more dramatic against the colors of the shrubbery on both sides. It's beautiful as it is, but it would definitely make a big difference. And, it would make that work of art last for years.
    Manuela Jelen

  2. Irregular Flag Stone path is looking very beautiful with this out door sitting place. Nice work @newyorkplantings .