Tuesday, February 21, 2012

On Top of the World with Our Latest Rooftop Project

There is something special about a transformative rooftop project. I don’t know if some of it is just the enchantment of working above the city with the spectacular views and nothing between you and sky. It could also be the excitement of taking a space that hasn’t really been defined before, that no one has taken the time to transform, and taking it to a new level as a usable outdoor area. It’s just so full of possibilities and we understand that as we listen to our clients discuss what their ideas and hopes are for the space. Our Garden Designer, Todd Nappi, comes up with a plan and our Landscape Architect draws up detailed sketches of the project. The design plans are a bit technical to look at, but if you were our client, we’d go over it all with you so we can be sure we’re in complete agreement with you on the work to be done and what you want as the final outcome.

This project is unique because it features three different materials for substantial areas of the roof; concrete pavers, hardwood decking and grass (the circular area in the middle of the plan). New York Plantings will also be fabricating custom planters for this rooftop as well as installing a complete irrigation system. One of the benefits of working with a company like New York Plantings that has a variety of professional tradesman on their crew, is that there’s no having to hire outside contractors or the need to coordinate different aspects of the job between contractors. We design, draw and construct all in-house; not many garden design companies can claim that level of skill. What does that mean for the client? It means a seamless transition between different aspects of the job. We can get your job done right and on time without the hassle of keeping track of multiple contractors, multiple checks and constantly changing laborers. You’ll get to know our polite and respectful crew and you’ll know we take personal responsibility for all our work – no subcontracting!

We’re at the “purchasing materials” stage of the job, so we thought we’d show you some pictures from our trip to the sawmill. We also have access to some beautiful pavers so we thought we’d share some pictures of those as well. We’ll be getting started on the job this week, so check back and see the work in progress and, of course, we’ll post the finished project pictures too.

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