Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sharing Our "Greening-Up Manhattan" Press Release

This is one of our recent press releases. I'm sharing it because it contains good information about the health benefits of evergreen plants and because of its seasonal importance; evergreens do best when planted in the spring before the weather gets too hot.

New York Plantings is Greening-up Manhattan

The professionals at New York Plantings, one of the top landscape and garden design companies in the New York area, are on a mission to make New York beautiful, one yard at a time. Horticulturist and Lead Garden Designer, Todd Nappi, will be the first to tell you that it’s not only about the beauty of their award-winning, innovative designs. Todd wants you to help New York “go green!”

“Living in a city that is faced with air quality issues including the challenge of particulate matter pollution,” Todd maintains that “we can all make a difference. Planting evergreens helps filter dangerous particles from the air, making the city healthier for all of us.” Why evergreens? “Evergreens remove particles from the air year ‘round, making it an excellent choice when creating or updating your garden area. This can be especially beneficial for the young, old and people with conditions such as asthma and heart disease.” Where does Todd get his appreciation for the many rolls plants play in our urban environment? Todd received his education in horticulture from Cornell University and has over 18 years of experience working as a landscape designer in the New York area.

New York Plantings can meet all your landscaping needs with an array of seasoned professionals on their team including master carpenters, stone masons and irrigation specialists and their own “in house” architect. Want an Asian, Zen or Japanese garden? Rooftop or rock garden? Decking, walkways, tree wells or quality irrigation? Residential or commercial, New York Plantings does it all!

Evergreens should be planted in the early spring before the weather starts getting warm. So, if you want to make an appointment with Todd, the resident plant expert at New York Plantings, do it soon! His schedule fills up fast and he reminds us, “Going green is easier than you think. We can all do our part in making the city a healthier place to live!”

If you want to “go green” call New York Plantings today at (347) 558-7051 or visit their website at


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