Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Manhattan Yard Renovation and Tree House Completed on Schedule

Just in time to avoid the recent mid-winter cold snap, the Asian inspired Garden and Landscape Design and yard renovation has been completed. More than general landscaping, this inclusive project incorporated irrigation, landscape lighting, a new concrete paver patio and walkway. The addition of a custom designed tree house made this a unique and fun project for the whole team at New York Plantings. 

Before the project gets started, our Project Manager or Owner at New York Plantings takes the time to explain the entire landscape design and building process to the client so they know exactly what to expect from inception to the completion of their garden and landscape project; What will be completed and our anticipated time frame for each step of the project.

Being “city folk,” they never had a backyard and were excited at the possibilities. Having a modern "Zen" taste, they wanted to create the yard with an Asian inspired design. The customer's didn't really specify an actual blueprint but more of some concepts and suggestions. They wanted more patio area and their current patio was in poor shape, serving more as a pathway and foundation skirt than usable patio space.

Listening attentively to what the family wanted, we established their need for space for a barbeque area, eating space, etc.  For the children, at the couples' request, the modern style playhouse/tree house concept was added to the design. The tree house was a great addition due to limited space and sheer coolness factor! A few accessories were included such as a ships wheel, telescope – and of course – a fireman’s pole! 
The first day of this project started with a dawn-to-dusk day of set-up, material delivery and unloading. We began our day by protecting the home by carefully moving furniture, covering floors and walls, etc., so we were prepared when the materials arrived. “The guys really pulled together and worked from early morning to early evening – dark to dark – to bring all the materials to the rear yard,” said New York Plantings Garden Design Owner and Lead Landscape Designer, Todd Nappi. 

“Our crew of six men moved over three hundred bags of sand, twelve bags of concrete and four pallets of bricks (about six tons of materials) gently and efficiently through the luxury townhouse and staged the materials in the yard ready for installation. With the arrival of the carpentry crew with a truck full of lumber and hardware for the tree house, our material delivery was complete.” It was a full day of work accepting materials and transferring them from the street to yard. 

The installation of the patio pavers by New York Plantings masonry team went very well. Greg, one of our new tradesmen, demonstrated his skill and proved himself to be both capable and reliable. Our team worked through the holidays in good spirits and harmony.

The day after the New Years 2011 Holiday, Todd Nappi put the finishing touches on the children’s tree house, mulching the garden beds and adding landscape lights for evening ambiance.

As is usually true of our terrific team, the project went off without a hitch. Instead of detailing each step of the process, we’ll let our pictures of the project speak for themselves (for more extensive photos, you can visit our Flickr). We’ll offer you a few final words, comments from the homeowners on W80th St., in Manhattan, “The tree house is amazing, our kids love it! And all of our backyard is so nice now, thank you!" - Another satisfied client of New York Plantings and Garden Design.

New York Plantings garden design and landscape construction offers a complete scope of garden and landscape services in the NY tri state area, servicing residential, corporate and the trade (subcontracting for builders and other garden companies). Visit for more information or call 347 558 7051 anytime for a consultation.

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