Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Turn that stale terrace into a wonderful oasis....Of green and life.

Turn that stale terrace into a wonderful oasis....Of green and life.

New York Plantings Garden Designers and Landscape Contractors vision in “making New York Beautiful, one yard at a time”, has started another remarkable development in Manhattan, New York. We just finished the proposal drawings on a garden design that will turn a stale terrace into a wonderful oasis of green and life.

The 170 SQF terrace garden is located in a luxury apartment in the Upper West side. The project will include a custom planter box that goes around the perimeter. We will also include a smaller prebuilt planter (at our own shop) that will be placed in front of the master’s bedroom window. We are strongly suggesting the use of Ipe hardwood for the construction. Ipe hardwood is known for its durability and long-lasting attributes that making it one of the best materials for home and garden furnishings, such as fences, decks, and of course, wood outdoor planter boxes. Ipe wood longevity is guaranteed 20 years even without preservation.
New York Plantings Irrigation Specialist will be installing a drip irrigation system. Our garden specialists will strategically install drip emitters to deliver precise amounts of water to the plant’s root zone. This will not only make the garden thrive but will also help our customer save water and reduce their bills.

New York Plantings horticulturists have a vast array of knowledge on different plants, perennials, and flowers appropriate to different places and soil categories. For this project we are choosing and arranging the plants and flora in the custom planter boxes, creating an intimate and green oasis. In order to provide privacy, we will plant a thick green wall of bamboo in front of their master’s bedroom window. The garden will also include a Japanese Maple, Illex, Hostas, Skimmia Japonica, Boxwood and Hinoki Cypress. This configuration of plants is low maintenance and proven to thrive for this specific type of area.

We have also planed landscape lighting details. New York Plantings lighting specialists will be installing courtesy lights for the lower part of the main planter box. Additionally, we will be placing upright wash lights against the walls. This will cast shadows from the plants creating an interesting and comforting atmosphere.

Make your Terrace or Rooftop an extension of your living space like an outdoor room. We will continue to document this Mannhattan Upper West Side luxury apartment Garden design progress to completion. We also offer other gardening services such as rooftop, front yard and backyard garden. To schedule your own garden and hardscape consultation you can contact us at 347 558 7051 or visit www.newyorkplantings.com

Thanks to our own Marcel Negret for drawings!


  1. I create both design and installations with unique, innovative methods to avoid using the same styles, materiels, plants flowers and trees as all the other yards on the block" "When considering design for rooftop and terrace gardens, it is essential to look outside and beyond as well as other key elements.Only true experience as well as concern for client satisfaction will yeild excellent results"."There is no substitute for experience however a true gardener must also have a view from the client's standpoint,a strong technical and horticultural background and above all, a love for this type of work and providing people with comfort and enjoyment" "An important element often overlooked by the New York City gardener is the need for year round color and interest. There should be something every season!"....."Unique, low maintenance plantings that are proven to thrive in the places we plant them. Color, Texture, and a strong foundation are key to any Garden Design Plan"

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