Sunday, November 18, 2012

New York Plantings Ipe Deck Renovation: Revolution and Innovation

When people around the world think of New York, aside from being called “The City that Never Sleeps”, the first words in mind would be skyscrapers, high buildings and modernized residences (also known as condominiums) usually associated with New York lifestyle. With the business-like atmosphere surrounding the city, the posh of fashion grandees, elites and business tycoons, it’s no wonder that New York could not be imagined as a “home” matched with suburban reveries or perhaps Hawaiian-like ambiences because the hustle and bustle (perhaps in Time Square, you know in Midtown Manhattan) lingers distinction in New York City. But New Yorkers, nowadays, try to dismiss such notion and make the greatest efforts to show off the world that NYC is the place to live, nothing more you can ask for. The current trend of homeowners or businesses to have a place more pleasing to the senses is utilizing the space (terraces, front yard, back yard, alley or even sidewalks) they have and have it transformed to a once-fantasized garden to reality, and subconsciously having this environmental awareness by advocating plant and flower cultivations in their residences (yes folks, “go green”). A lot of people now have been in service of New York’s Master Gardeners as another masterpiece by New York Plantings Garden Designers and Landscape Contractors has done it again in one of the rooftop penthouses in Manhattan, NYC- renovation of Ipe deck with customized planter box ornamented with green plants.

The renovation of a rooftop garden in Manhattan, NYC, starts with surveying the area, then sketching the plan. The plan includes every detail, from existing furnishing up to add-ons or garden upgrades such as, benches and Ipe clad custom planter boxes, which are perfect for get-togethers held in rooftop garden to see the unique cityscape. Together with New York Plantings Irrigation Specialist expertise, the team drafts the plan for irrigation system installation. New York Plantings Outdoor Carpenters then starts the demolition of old deck tiles to prepare for rooftop overhaul, making sure that the whole area is clear. When area is ready, premade Ipe deck tiles are transported then the foundations are assembled according to area measurement and are built to be elevated for irrigation system purposes. After base set-up, Ipe deck tiles are fasten with stainless steel binds to ensure stability. Custom planter boxes with Ipe fascia cladding are then built and placed according to the garden design and specification. New York Plantings Horticulturist then starts to lay off their expertise in embedding the rooftop garden with suitable plants, herbs, and flora in place (especially in custom planter boxes). New York Plantings Outdoor Carpenters then finishes off with Ipe deck oil application making the rooftop renovation complete- spick and span.

New York Plantings Garden Designers and Landscape Contractors are proud of their expertise in all gardening designs and landscaping ideas as they specialize in Asian Garden Design; they also have Woodland Garden designs and other garden landscape styles, great for residential and commercial contracts. They also offer services such as waterfalls and other water features, patios, gazebos, and pergola installation, outdoor kitchen installation, fire pits and also horticulture and arborist services. New York Plantings Irrigation and Lighting Division also handles installation of add-ons like, irrigation timer and irrigation clocks that could be done after renovation or as needed. You can contact them at 347 558 7051 for more information or visit their website at to check out their projects across New York, Manhattan, all the way to Long Island, even up to New Jersey. They are free for consultation anytime and are ready to transform your place into another garden masterpiece.


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  2. Thanks Smith! please feel free to look u up when in Manhattan and perhaps see some interesting work in progress!

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