Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Materials Used by New York Plantings: IPE Hardwood Lumber

Ipe (pronounced: Eee-pay) is a Brazilian hardwood that has become popular in the past decade and is a common material used by New York Plantings in their landscape structures including their custom planter boxes for both commercial and residential properties. The durability of this wood is hard to ignore for builders, especially landscape professionals who are looking for a strong, long-lasting building material.

Ipe is so dense some people say it has the strength of steel. It can last 25+ years outdoors without being treated. It is 100% natural and it resists surface scratches. Sounds great, right? Well, it is also mold, fire weather and pest-resistant. With these properties, it’s easy to see why it has become so popular!

Known by many names throughout the world* this wood is most commonly used for outdoor furniture, decks, gazebos, pergolas, planter boxes, structures for garden walls, and fencing. Ipe wood products contain no added harmful chemicals, so it is safe around people, pets and water.

Ipe hardwood is typically a reddish brown color that can also include a olive tinge with some light and dark striping, sometimes exhibiting a look similar to a dark to olive-brown tinged teak wood. The grain can have quite a bit of variation.

Ipe lumber can be difficult to work with, so it is not ideal for the “weekend (do-it-yourself) warrior.” Since the wood is so strong it is often necessary to pre-drill holes and it easily blunts cutting edges on the tools used to cut it and carpenters need to be prepared to go through a lot of drill bits! It may be a little difficult to work with, but the durability, beauty, smooth sanded finish, and no splintering feature of this hardwood makes this material ideal for any professional outdoor build.

New York Plantings is now pleased to offer the design, construction and installation of custom planter boxes in the New York area. Previously available only to New York Plantings Garden Design customers, we will now provide this service to anyone in need of these durable, attractive and useful planters. Call us at 347-558-7051 for custom planters and all your garden design and landscape needs.

*(Brazilian walnut, Brazilian hardwood, ironwood, Amapa, cortex, Guayacan, Flor Amarillo, Greenheart, Madera negra, Tahuari, Lapacho negro, Poui, Bethabarra, Tajibo, Mataverde, Tabebuia, cumaru (Dipterix odorata) and jarrah (Eucalyptus marginata). In France, it is known as bois ipe.)

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  1. Nice. We also have Ipe Decking at home and I love it. We used Ipe hardwood because it's a top grade material and gives us substantial savings because it doesn't need lots of maintenance. It can actually last for up to 25 years and can resist scratches.