Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Vertical Gardens Provide Beauty and Function

Vertical Garden –  a vertical garden, known also as a green fa├žade, a green wall, a living wall or a bio wall is one way to maximize the use of garden space while adding beauty to any wall structure. When planted on the side of a house, they are not only beautiful to the eye but also serve to bring down energy costs due to the insulating properties of having a garden covering an outside wall of the home. 
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Vertical Gardens are great for urban environments too! Where areas for planting gardens are harder to come by as well as being wonderful for the environment and helping to improve air quality. When planted on dividing walls between houses it also helps to absorb noise making for a quieter community. Since this is such a great all purpose garden idea, New York Plantings has provided a “How to” video on installing lattice for growing wall ivy:

Especially in the New York area serviced by New YorkPlantings Garden Design, vertical gardens are an often requested addition to both new garden and landscaping designs as well as renovations where a new look with functional features like noise reduction, covering of older structures or increased cooling is paramount. Planting a “green wall” is an easy, inexpensive addition to any garden project.
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Learn more about incorporating a vertical garden into your next landscape design by calling New York Plantings Garden Design at 347 558-7051. We provide for all your garden and landscape needs and now offer a second division that includes professional irrigation and lighting to keep your arbor, terrace, container garden, Asian garden, deck, pool, pergola, rooftop retreat, patio or backyard oasis and all your plants healthy and looking beautiful, both day and night!

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